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Italian Retrospective 2019 Update

We are delighted to announce a forthcoming retrospective of Christopher's extensive work in and around Recanati, Maria's beautiful home town in Italy. It is scheduled to run from 27th July to 25th August, 2019. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the Comune di Recanati, the exhibition will be held in the magnificent baroque church of San Vito, designed by Italy's most famous 18th century architect, Luigi Vanvitelli, and will be staged alongside another exhibition to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Italy's most celebrated 19th century poet, Giacomo Leopardi, who also came from Recanati. The retrospective is expected to showcase between 40 and 50 oil paintings of Italian landscapes and street scenes, alongside numerous working sketches and photographs from the 1950s to the early 21st century. We are in discussions with the British Council in Rome about bringing this wonderful Anglo-Italian event to the attention of a wider audience. And in the last few days, an event organiser in the nearby town of Offagna has also asked if the exhibition could be transferred there for the duration of their 'Festa del Colombaccio' in the first week of September. This extension is still to be confirmed but is a very exciting prospect, and we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you, or anyone you know, have any of Christopher's Italian paintings, and might be prepared to loan them for this exhibition, we would love to hear from you.

San Vito  
San Vito, Recanati
Interior of San Vito


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