ChristopherHall Painter

   Painter of landscapes, people and architectural structures.
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Welcome to the newly redesigned

  If you click on "new art" you can see work that Christopher has recently produced. Some of these paintings will be available for sale at up coming gallery exhibitions and others can be seen at his studio.

  The "gallery" link shows a collection of his favourite scenes from the past. Although these paintings have been sold, they are a pleasure to view.

  You can see current works in progress by clicking on the "projects" link, You can find out more of his upcoming exhibitions by clicking on the "exhibits' button.

  If you are interested in any of his work, please feel free to contact him, either by e-mail, or by post. The details are on the "contact" page.

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  Christopher has been painting for many decades and in many countries. He has exhibited many places, including the Royal Academy, Moreover, he is a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Cambrian Society. He has paintings in the collections of the Museum of London, the National Library of Wales, the National Museum of Wales, the Ashmolean, and several other regional public galleries. For a little bit more on his life and career, click on the "artist" link.